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Is B2 Mask breathable?

B2 Mask is very breathable for a respirator or face mask. However it will not be as comfortable as wearing no mask at all.

During our testing, we have achieved better than the recommended breathing resistance levels required by NIOSH for Filtering Facepiece Respirators. B2 Mask offers comparable breathability to common respirators due to the similar filter materials. Users who have worn other face masks and respirators have found B2 Mask quite comfortable and breathable, while users who are not used to wearing face protection have reported an adjustment period.  

At light breathing rates (walking, desk work, driving), breathing through B2 Mask will feel easier than for heavy breathing (long flights of stairs, hard labor).

If you have a B2 Mask, we would love to hear about your personal experience wearing it. Please email support@breathe99.com to get in touch!