B2 Mask Size Guide

B2 Mask Size Guide

The B2 currently comes in one size. Please read this size guide to understand if it is right for you.

Understanding Fit
A well-fitting mask is critical to comfort and performance. Currently B2 Mask is available in one size that fits most small and medium sized adults. 

The B2 has a compact size that sits low on the nose and on the surface of the chin (as opposed to under the chin like other masks).

Individuals with a very prominent nose or a very low nose bridge may not achieve an airtight seal. The B2 Overlay 3D Knit features a metal nose clip and may improve sealing for some of these people.

Taking Your Measurements
Using a piece of string or a straight ruler, measure the distance between the tip of your nose and the point of your chin.

Make sure not to measure under the chin, as the B2 mask is not designed to wrap below the chin.

The bottom strap of the B2 Overlay Original, which fastens around the back of the neck, has a maximum circumference of 21 inches.

Verify your fit
If your measurement is on the upper range of the current size, then make sure you understand that the B2 has a compact fit.

If your personal preference is for a large and roomy mask, we suggest waiting for a larger size.

You can sign up here to be the first to know when a different size is released. 

Due to sanitary concerns, we cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time. All sales are final.