Can I wear my B2 Mask on a plane?

Can I wear my B2 Mask on a plane?

Yes you can! B2 Mask does not contain an exhalation valve or air vents. All exhaled air is filtered. However, certain airlines or businesses may chose to mandate another type of mask, which they typically provide.

B2 Mask complies with guidelines set by airlines and governments concerning face coverings in enclosed public spaces. It protects both the wearer and their environment in several ways:
  • All inhaled and exhaled air is filtered through B2 Filters, which remove >99% of particles 0.1 micron and larger. 
  • Full seal around the mouth and nose. 
  • No exhalation valve.
  • No vents.
The images below show how circular B2 Filters are installed in the facepiece, which seals around the mouth and nose. The filters are the only path for air to go in or out of the mask, providing superior protection to cloth face masks. 


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      B2 Mask is very breathable for a respirator or face mask without exhalation valves. However, it will not be as comfortable as wearing no mask at all.  B2 Mask exceeds the recommended breathing resistance required by NIOSH for Filtering Facepiece ...
    • Does B2 Mask get hot and humid?

      B2 Mask was designed to be as comfortable as possible without exhalation valves.  ​ B2 Mask was designed to have comfortable air flow coming in as well as going out of the filters, so heat and moisture can escape. However, as with any mask, prolonged ...
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      Before purchasing a B2 Mask please see the Size Guide to make sure that it is the right size for you.  Read the Quick Start Guide to see how to get started with your B2 Mask.  The B2 Mask can take an hour or two of wearing to get used to the fit. ...
    • When should I change my B2 Filters?

      For a person who only has occasional contact with the public, and can stay physically distanced, we recommend: Change Original filters at least every 2 weeks.  Change Lite filters at least once a week. You should change your filters more often if: ...