How do I get a good seal on my face?

How do I get a good seal on my face?

Before purchasing a B2 Mask please see the Size Guide to make sure that it is the right size for you. 

Read the Quick Start Guide to see how to get started with your B2 Mask. 

The B2 Mask can take an hour or two of wearing to get used to the fit. You're meant to move it around a bit to find the perfect spot so that there is no air escaping anywhere. Here are a few things to try:
  1. Move the facepiece up or down your nose. B2 Mask can sit lower on the nose than most respirators, to accommodate eyewear. 
  2. Make sure the "99" logo on the facepiece is at the top. Otherwise, the facepiece is upside down.
  3. Gently wiggle the sides of the facepiece to find the best placement on your cheeks. The structure of your cheeks may be leading to gaps, but if you move the facepiece slightly up, down, left or right, it might conform to your face better. The two sides of your face may have slightly different sweet spots. 
  4. Find the right resting spot on your chin, slightly below your bottom lip. B2 mask is made to rest on top of your chin, not to stretch over it. Its resting spot on your chin acts as a natural anchor to keep it in place.
  5. Adjust your overlay tighter or looser. Find the right amount of tightness with the overlay so that it secures the mask in place, without uncomfortably pulling anywhere. 
  6. ‚ÄčGive it some time. If you are not used to wearing something on your face, it will feel weird at first. Give it 10 minutes or more so that your face can relax. Sometimes the simple act of wearing B2 Mask, and moving and talking a bit, puts it in the right place.

Alternatively, nose seal may be improved by switching the B2 Overlay 3D Knit, which has a metal nose clip, or by inserting B2 Mask Liners inside the mask. 
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      Yes, please use this referral link to recommend Breathe99 products to your family and friends. Every time someone buys a mask using the referral link both of you would get a free filter pack.