Instructions for the B2 Mask Liner

Instructions for the B2 Mask Liner

The B2 Mask Liner is an optional accessory designed to reduce humidity buildup within the B2 Mask. It fits inside the seal of the B2 facepiece. B2 Mask Liners may be purchased here on our webstore

100% ultra-absorbent double-celled polyester foam. 

Liners can be washed and dried with soap and water, just like a sponge.

How to insert the B2 Mask Liner:

With clean hands, turn to face the inside of your B2 Mask. Align the bulky part of the liner with the bottom of facepiece.

Stuff the bulky part of the liner into the bottom of the facepiece first.

Next, stuff the top of the liner into the top of the facepiece. Then, tuck the sides of the liners along the entire inside of the facepiece.

Check to make sure it's all in there. Ready to go!

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    • Will B2 Mask work with my beard?

      B2 Mask relies on a tight seal between the mask and the user's face, and a beard or other facial hair may interfere with this seal. Still, whether you have a beard or not, wearing a mask is better than no mask at all.
    • What comes in the B2 Mask Starter Kit?

      The B2 Mark Starter Kit includes the following: 1 B2 Mask facepiece, including 2 filter caps 1 B2 Overlay Original 1 pack Original B2 Filters (5 sets)  You can purchase the B2 Mask on our online store here. Please read our Size Guide before making ...
    • What material is the B2 Mask made of?

      The facepiece of the B2 Mask is made of soft, FDA-compliant TPU and Polypropylene that conform to your face shape for a protective, anti-fog seal.
    • Does the B2 Mask have an exhalation valve?

      We designed the B2 specifically without an exhalation valve, in order to protect those around you. Masks with exhalation valves do not filter the air being exhaled through the valve, therefore possibly exposing those around you to contagious ...
    • Is the B2 Mask NIOSH certified?

      B2 Mask is designed for everyday use at home and in the workplace. While it is not a medical device, it was designed according to requirements set out by NIOSH and the FDA in 42 CFR 84. We are planning a path to regulatory approval, but are not ...