When should I change my B2 Filters?

When should I change my B2 Filters?

For a person who only has occasional contact with the public, and can stay physically distanced, we recommend:
  1. Change Original filters at least every 2 weeks. 
  2. Change Lite filters at least once a week.

You should change your filters more often if:
  1. You interact daily with the general public, such as for a job
  2. You or someone you care for is immunocompromised
  3. Your filters get wet while in use
  4. Your think your filters may be contaminated

These are guidelines only, as you know your personal situation and risk level best. Please note that no mask can eliminate the breathing in of all particles or the possibility of getting sick. We have previously stated that our Original filters can be used for unlimited wear time, but felt that did not adequately account for the pandemic-time risk of contamination or degradation due to humidity.

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