Which filter is best for you?

Which filter is best for you?

B2 Filter Original
For maximum protection. Ideal for close contact with the public, wildfire smoke, pollution and other high-risk environments. Removes 99.6%-98.3% of common pollutants down to 0.1 micron, under normal breathing conditions. Change at least every 2 weeks. 

B2 Filter Lite
For maximum breathability. Ideal for sports, extreme hot or cold weather, or individuals with respiratory weakness. Removes >90% of common pollutants down to 0.1 micron, under normal breathing conditions. Change at least once a week. 

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    • What does the B2 Mask filter?

      B2 Filters remove 99.6 - 98.3% of airborne particles down to .1 micron at normal breathing rates. That’s much smaller than your average sneeze or piece of dust. We have you covered for all of the tiny particles known as PM10 and PM2.5. This includes ...
    • What are the B2 Filters made of?

      The B2 Filter Original contains meltblown and electrostatically-charged polypropylene. The B2 Filter Lite contains electrostatically-charged polypropylene. Read the B2 Filter Technology Review for detailed performance information and testing done at ...
    • Is the B2 Mask NIOSH certified?

      B2 Mask is designed for everyday use at home and in the workplace. While it is not a medical device, it was designed according to requirements set out by NIOSH and the FDA in 42 CFR 84. We are planning a path to regulatory approval, but are not ...
    • What comes in the B2 Mask Starter Kit?

      The B2 Mark Starter Kit includes the following: 1 B2 Mask facepiece, including 2 filter caps 1 B2 Overlay Original 1 pack Original B2 Filters (5 sets)  You can purchase the B2 Mask on our online store here. Please read our Size Guide before making ...
    • Does the B2 Mask have an exhalation valve?

      We designed the B2 specifically without an exhalation valve, in order to protect those around you. Masks with exhalation valves do not filter the air being exhaled through the valve, therefore possibly exposing those around you to contagious ...